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How does the UNBLEMISH Regimen work?

Based on Multi-Med® Therapy, the UNBLEMISH Regimen is a complete solution that tackles the acne process—from clogged pores to excess oil, and to preventing new blemishes from surfacing. Because breakouts are continuously forming under the surface of acne-prone skin, the multiple active ingredients in the UNBLEMISH Regimen should be used twice daily over the entire face to help stop the acne process. With continued use, blemishes will be reduced, and skin will look healthier and clearer.

When can I expect to see results from the UNBLEMISH Regimen?

Most people see results in six to eight weeks with the UNBLEMISH Regimen. However, if your acne is severe, it may take longer before you see an improvement. The longer you use the products, the more visible the results will be.

In an independent six week clinical study, subjects with acne achieved the following average decrease in acne:

  • 16% after two weeks
  • 42% after four weeks
  • 63% after six weeks

If your skin does not improve within eight weeks of twice-a-day usage or you have cystic acne, we recommend you see a dermatologist.

Do I need to use all of the steps in the UNBLEMISH Regimen to get results?

For best results we recommend using the complete UNBLEMISH Regimen. Skipping any one step can minimize results.

How long should I use the UNBLEMISH Regimen?

There is no cure for acne, but you can control it with the UNBLEMISH Regimen. Just because your skin is clear doesn’t mean it’s time to stop. Continuous use of the UNBLEMISH Regimen will help keep your skin clear. Once your skin has been acne-free for an extended period of time, you may consider shifting to once-a-day use of the UNBLEMISH Regimen and start introducing our REDEFINE Regimen into your daily routine.

Can I use the UNBLEMISH Regimen if I’m pregnant or nursing?

We recommend that a woman who is pregnant or nursing consult with her doctor about her current products and/or the use of cosmetic tools or before making any changes regarding her skincare routine. Providing the appropriate ingredient lists will help inform the doctor. View the Rodan + Fields® ingredient list.

For answers to additional frequently asked questions about products, usage and more, visit RF Connection. If your questions aren’t answered there, contact our team of trained product experts at RF Connection for more specific inquiries: rfconnection@rodanandfields.com.

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